Saturday, February 25, 2017

I'm racist? F.U.

I have been called a racist on the internet by people from all over the world spanning the whole social gender and tard specter. Today I pose the question:

So what?

Yes, I'm asking. So what if I am racist? My personal views or believes are not subject to public scrutiny. My actions are. But there is a huge gap between the thought and the act, and it is called choice. Whatever I may or may not believe / think / feel about a group of people is irrelevant as long as I don't choose to act in a way that affects them.

That said, I never believed I was racist until I recently played MASS EFFECT 2 (thank you EA for making me racist). Long story short I had a choice between having sex with an alien and a black dude. Not saying that I preferred not to give it up to Jacob Taylor because he is black, god knows no skin color can make that douche balloon exhibit any personality. Garrus Vakarian on the other hand is awesome, and the moment presenting the opportunity to get him into the captains quarters is well written and filled with chemistry and charm. Same goes for Miranda Lawson, she is so unlikable that I not only rejected her romantically but would have punched her in the stupid face had the opportunity been presented. Jack on the other hand I would have kicked in the ugly shaved misshapen bald head. For the male playthrough I was romantic with Tali. Tali is way more awesome and interesting and sweet than any of these two cunts. So we can safely conclude that I am racist against the human race. So there. My dislike and hatred for all of you goes far beyond arbitrary gender, racial or any other physiological characteristics.

It all comes down to words really. I can argue against immigration for a number of reasons, and construct arguments around any of the facts. You don't care do you, because if the words arab or muslim are used I'm racist. Well FUCK YOU. Jacob is black, he could have been white and I still would not have wanted to fuck him. Arabs are arab, they could have been martians but if they can't identify themselves and don't respect our society I don't want them here.

If the conversation will end every time I use a word to describe someone or to refer to a group of people. And if you are all so quick to start yelling at me "RACIST". Ok, I am racist!

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