Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I hate people. I was all calmed down and all, and not hating anything and then yesterday I was on YouTube and I found this. "peace be on sleepychildkungfu", who the hell does he think he is. And then I thought "OK"!

"May be peace with you
I would like to share some very important information with you. If you were to believe in it and accept it, it would make your life better, it would make you happy & it would benefit you.
Information that if you were to believe in it and accept it, it would make the life of people around you better, it would make them happy and would bring benefit to them & this will have a ripple effect on the society around you and them hence, making it better for everyone to live and enjoy their life.
I would like to speak with you about the 'Purpose of this life'."

You just know it is going to be retarded when someone oversells like this.

"Look around yourself. Look at the pen, at the paper, at the chair, at the table, at the bed and everything else around it. Look at everything and think about them. You will find each & everything has a purpose. The pen is there to write, the paper is there to be written upon, the chair is there to sit upon and the table is there to eat upon, the bed is there to sleep upon & everything else has a purpose. I guarantee you that we will not find anything that does not have a purpose & these are the items that we as human beings have produced & developed because we need them and would like them to serve a purpose to make our life easy & better."

How about modern art? Modern art sucks and is useless!

"Now let us look at ourselves. Look at our eyes, ears, hands, feet, tongue, nose and everything else in the body. The eyes are there to see, ears are there to hear, hands are there to pick & hold items, feet are there for us to walk & the nose is there to smell. Look & think about each & everything in the body and we will see its purpose. Let us look at the perfect body and think about it.
Like we created & produced items for a purpose, our body, our presence in this world has a purpose and there is a Creator who has created us for a reason & the purpose of our life is to use our body to worship the Creator."

Yeah, hands are a good idea. I'd buy the guy who invented hands a beer. Sometimes you just need to use the hands. About the perfect body, appendix! And I would use my body to worship the creator, but I'm a bit busy this week. Maybe we can schedule something for a later date, call the office and leave your and the creators contact info.

"Creator of the heavens & earth, Master & Sustainer of everyone
Say: He is Allah, the One
Allah is the Self-Sufficient Master
He begets not nor was He begotten
And there is none comparable unto Him"

I have no idea what "begets not nor was He begotten" means.

"The Creator sees everything, hears everything & knows everything. He wants us to live our life in this world in the best possible way to benefit ourselves, people around us & the whole community.
I invite you to accept in the Creator -- Allah (GOD) as your lord and worship him. Accept & worship the Lord of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad (may peace be upon them). Turn to Allah (God) alone in your prayers & supplication & ask him for everything you need. Let us submit to the Creator."

You say he want's to tell me how to live but he never returns my calls.

"Amazingly enough, all of us are already in a state of submission. Look at the new born baby. The baby comes out of the mother's womb without its consent. Who gave this baby its basic humanly instincts? The baby breathes not that it chooses to but it must breathe in order to live. No one forces the baby to breath. The baby submits itself to the air. We drink water as it is a need of the body and we need it to live. No one forces us to drink water. We eat to live as the body needs it. No one forces us to eat."

Submission is the KEYWORD, nothing in religion makes any sense without it. Are you willing to be submissive. Do you want to spend your life as a drone, following the piper over the edge?

"We submit ourselves to the needs. Now let us change the word 'NEED' to 'ISLAM'.
If we were to believe in the Creator as he wants us to believe, it will mean that ;
We submit ourselves to the Creator & belive in Islam. The word Islam comes from the word S-A-L-A-M-A, which means peace. We submit ourselves to the will of the Creator to bring about peace in this world & once we die we will have happy after life."

This paragraph would be enough to me to call for all Muslims to be executed, but maybe I shouldn't discriminate. So kill all religious people. This is a first interaction text, and they can't stop banging on the submission drum. And ok, submit. But be careful what exactly you are submitting to. The problem is the same as it has been forever. You can't get god to give you a command. So you go to the pushers on the street that molest children and stone women, and you ask him for guidance and morality.

"I invite you to accept in the Creator -- Allah (GOD) as your lord and worship him. Accept & worship the Lord of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad (may peace be upon them). Turn to Allah (God) alone in your prayers & supplication & ask him for everything you need. Let us submit to the Creator."

A least they try to be inclusive.

"I am humbly calling you to shift yourself from the dreadful consequences of polytheism to the beauty of monotheism. Enter Paradise after this life and save yourself from the hellfire by worshipping God alone & believing in the final messenger of Allah."

And It is so stupid that it can't work without the threat. Don't hey realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Lets say that I tell you you get a weekend of hot action with Angelina Jolie (sounds good), or I will kill you(now it sounds suspicious).

"f you believe in the Creator of the heavens & the earth, that He is the Master & the Sustainer, that He is the only one worthy of worship & not any of His Creation, including any of the prophets, from Adam to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad. If you believe, then say it now with your tongue.
'I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and i bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah'
Then say the translation in Arabic ' Ash hadu Alla Illaha Illa Allah wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Rasool ul Allah."

Ask the Jews if Jesus was a messiah. Ask the Christians if Muhammad was conversing with their GOD. And how about the Mormons, what if I believe in Allah and Joseph Smith was his final messenger. You are all equally retarded.

"This is the testimony that enters a person into the fold of Islam. You will immediately feel relief. After that, take your time to slowly learn the beauty of this religion.
You are welcome to visit our friendly sites where you can
*Read more about Islam*
*Chat free 1/1 with knowledgeable Muslims*
http://www.chatislamonline.org OR http://www.edialogue.org
*Ask questions about Islam http://www.islamreligion.com
*Women in Islam Website - http://www.womeninislam.ws
*This is the right time to know about Muhammed (PBUH) - http://www.rasoulallah.net/
Why not give yourself a chance and read the Quran
Online http://www.qurancomplex.org/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?TabID=4&SubItemID=1&l=eng&t=eng&SecOrder=4&SubSecOrder=1
OR Download
OR Listen

Oh. I will. And I will be laughing at all of them. I got this message as a PM (private message) from a user named xrnllren. If you look at the account you can see that this really isn't a real member of the YouTube community. It is a SPAM bot account. Why does it still exist. I got this message September 25-th 2012, who knows how many people have gotten this unsolicited ad. Should I file a complaint?

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