Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Retardism, it's a word. The root of the word is of-course retard, a medical term used to describe a mental disorder or in common usage somebody really really stupid. When I hear the term retard for some reason I associate it with the idea of falling behind, as in not being able to keep up with the "norm". Although I don't aim at insulting anybody by using the term, it is a good description of the philosophy, views and opinions discussed. The definitions for retardism in the urban dictionary  do not fit with my usage of the term. I tend to look at it as a description of an "ism", as in atheism or fascism. Retardism to me is the philosophy of not being able to progress in a human civilization context. When defined in that way retardism can be an overarching philosophies that has within itself theism, capitalism and racism. In this blog I will try to point out how human civilization should be progressing and how it actually is progressing. Thus my goal is to show how religious, political and social views are retarding human civilization as a whole.
To that end I will be analyzing events, both current and historical. I will be scrutinizing views and opinions that have missed the mark. I will be attacking philosophies that are so wrong that their effects are detrimental to humanity. The world is engulfed by a plague of stupidity and the simple common sense that would greatly improve the world we live in is fighting a losing battle. I am here to give my 2 cents on the simple issues.


  1. As an "ism" similar to racism, sexism, etc. meaning an act or system or policy that conducts or perpetuates the discrimination, devaluing or dehumanizing of someone by alluding to them having a developmental delay or disability or because they have a developmental delay or disability or because they did something that people associate with developmentally disabled or delayed individuals in terms of action speech or behaviour.